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    When considering cheats for Modern Warfare, CosmoCheats is the clear choice, and here's why: Our platform is renowned for delivering unparalleled quality, ensuring that every shot, movement, and strategy is optimized for victory. With a suite of features tailored specifically for Modern Warfare, players can expect precision through our advanced aimbot, heightened awareness with our comprehensive ESP/Wallhack options, and several other game-changing tools. Moreover, our dedicated team continuously updates and refines the cheats to stay ahead of detection systems. Coupled with our 24/7 support and user-friendly interface, CosmoCheats offers a seamless and dominant Modern Warfare experience. If you ever want to view any other game cheats, you can go here.

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    What do we offer?

    Quality and Security

    We offer Modern Warfare cheats that are meticulously crafted to provide a premium gaming experience, ensuring accuracy, functionality, and a competitive edge. Security remains at the forefront of our priorities, and we take pride in the undetectable nature of our tools. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to update and safeguard our cheats, ensuring that users can confidently utilize them without the apprehension of detection.

    A Wide Range of Features:

    Our Modern Warefare aimbot ensures unparalleled precision, turning every shot into a potential takedown. The ESP/wallhack provides an added layer of awareness, allowing players to spot adversaries through structures and anticipate their movements. Beyond these core offerings, we also present a plethora of miscellaneous options, giving players the flexibility to tweak and customize their gaming experience. 

    Fast and Reliable Support

    At CosmoCheats, we take pride in our fast and reliable support, ensuring that every user receives the assistance they need, when they need it. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, providing real-time responses and solutions to ensure your gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable. You can refer to the support page for more info.

    Easy-to-Use Interface:

    For our Modern Warfare cheats, we offer not just advanced tools but also an incredibly user-friendly interface. We understand the importance of a seamless gaming experience, and our interface is designed with both novice and seasoned players in mind. Navigating through various cheat features, toggling options on or off, and customizing settings is made effortless. 


  • Features

    Aimbot & Silent Aimbot

    For Modern Warfare players, CosmoCheats delivers a premier aimbot system that guarantees pinpoint accuracy with every shot. Offering both relative and absolute input modes, it lets players adapt the aimbot to perfectly match their gameplay preferences. The adjustable speed function assures rapid lock-on, while the adaptable Aimbot FOV can be set for either razor-sharp or wider engagement. Additionally, for players valuing discretion, our silent aimbot function works seamlessly in the background, providing a competitive edge without being conspicuous.

    Cosmo Modern Warfare 2/3 Aimbot by Cosmo Cheats

    ESP/Wallhack options

    Our Modern Warfare ESP/Wallhack tools grant players an unparalleled insight into the game, keeping them consistently ahead of the competition. Track the health and defensive stats of foes in real-time, shaping your tactical decisions. The skeleton view paints a clear picture of enemy stances and movements, and with the glow function, rival players become unmistakably visible, even in intense firefights. Our visibility check refines your targeting, ensuring shots are only taken when they count, and the distance indicator provides vital info on enemy proximity, aiding in the decision to either confront or relocate.

    Cosmo Modern Warfare 2/3 ESP by Cosmo Cheats

    Misc/Exploit Options

    CosmoCheats goes beyond the conventional; we redefine the game with our Misc/Exploit Options tailored for Modern Warfare. Discover unseen advantages with our unlocker feature, broadening your access to in-game treasures. Eager to navigate the terrain swiftly or outmaneuver foes? Our speedhack propels you to the forefront of the action. These tools, along with various other exploit options, are designed to amplify your gameplay, transforming every match into a showcase of strategic prowess. For a full feature list, you can view on of our products.

    Cosmo Modern Warfare 2/3 Exploits by Cosmo Cheats
  • How can I get started?

    1. Register and Purchase

    Visit SIGN UP page and create an account. After registration, browse our selection of MW Cheats. Choose the package that suits your needs. Complete the purchase to gain access to our discord server.


    2. Download and Install

    After purchase, follow the instructions for your product from the installation guide located in the top right of the site. The guide is also sent to your email after purchase.

    3. Configure and Launch

    Open the Client and configure your desired settings. Once you have customized it, launch into a server and enjoy the product.


  • FAQ's

    How to cheat in Call of Duty?

    Enhancing your gameplay in Modern Warfare becomes effortless with CosmoCheats. We offer a wide array of sophisticated, stealthy tools crafted especially for the title. Backed by avant-garde technology, a user-friendly dashboard, and a committed development team for persistent upgrades, your gaming sessions are poised for supremacy. A great cheat to start at is Pro Aim WZ.

    How to get wallhack in Modern Warfare?

    With our Cheats you can easily get wallhack, however, our cheats come with many other features such as aimbot and other miscellaneous options.

    What games do our cheats work in?

    Our cheats work in all Call of Duty titles including: MW, MW2. WZ, WZ 2. As soon as MW3 releases we will be ready with optimized cheats tailored for the game. Our dedicated team is already in preparation mode, ensuring that as MW3 hits the market, CosmoCheats users will have the advantage from day one. 

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