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    The hit multiplayer game Among Us uses deduction and teamwork to figure out who is sabotaging the space environment. Although the game's reviews were very positive, the surge in millions of new players revealed a weakness in the server system that game developer Innersloth needed to fix quickly. did. A planned sequel has been put on hold as InnerSloth focuses on updating the original version.

    Players are divided into groups of her 4 to her 10 and are randomly assigned to be either Crewmen or Imposters. Crew members are tasked with identifying and eliminating imposters and completing mini-game tasks on the world map. Imposters are given a similar task list, but are actually there to sabotage critical components and eliminate Crewmates. The winner is determined when the imposter is identified or all tasks are completed successfully and the crew is awarded the victory. Impostors win if a critical sabotage event is not resolved or if there are the same number of crew members and impostors. When a player dies, they become ghosts and can help with quests and sabotage in some way, but have little interaction with the rest of the players.

    Gameplay revolves around players deciding who is who through groupwork and voting to eliminate suspected impostors. Players can chat with each other via the in-game system, but only during group meetings and not at all after becoming a ghost. While the game's policy discourages chatting outside of the game to prevent information sharing between players who know each other, many people still participate in his Discord discussions. increase.

    The crew must complete mini-game tasks, stay alive while being chased by the crooks, repair the sabotage area, and catch the crooks before everyone is killed or the sabotage countdown runs out. not. This is a lot to keep track of, and even being able to communicate during a meeting chat can be very difficult for some.


    How Among Us Works For Everyone

    Good old cheats with hack codes and cheat modifiers are very popular in games like Among Us. Use hacks in Among Us to circumvent restrictions placed on two types of characters. Among Us uses deduction and teamwork to find out who is sabotaging the space environment. This game is all about information warfare. To win fast, you need to know who, where, what and what happened. We need information and we need it fast. or. We need a way around all these barriers.

    CosmoCheats hacks for Amoung Us can significantly increase a player's chances of being on the winning side. Our hacks can help with showing ghosts, expanded vision, infinite sabotage, and more while providing 24/7 support and instant access. Add some cool new tricks to your bag with the following enhancements.

    Imposters. Players are given different abilities and requirements for creative gameplay. The ability to pass through ventilation systems allows imposters to kill crew members and appear elsewhere on the map.The imposters sometimes pretend to complete quests or cast suspicion on other players in group meetings. They must be able to deceive the group about their actions, so they must be able to deceive a possible alibi or An explanation must be provided.


    Here are some of our available hacks and what they can help you accomplish.

    Disable Kill Cooldown - As an impersonator, your job is to sabotage equipment and kill crew members. On top of that, there's a fairly long cooldown every time you commit one of these actions.Use this hack to kill quickly and cleanly. Combined with the Speed Boost Hack he kills one player and then respawns elsewhere creating a lot of confusion and mistrust among the other players. Of course, you can also shoot them all at once, one by one if you are in the same room. Infinite Sabotage - Impostor or Ghost Imposter can sabotage equipment across the map, but each has a cooldown. If there are multiple cheaters, their cooldowns are combined. We use the Infinite Sabotage hack to remove this limitation and allow us to run as much as we want. If you are working with a partner or alone, this is a very useful tool.

    cheating between us

    Crew members must complete mini-game tasks, stay alive while being chased by crooks, repair sabotage areas, and catch crooks before everyone is killed or the sabotage countdown ends. I have. This is a lot to keep track of, and even being able to communicate during a meeting chat can be very difficult for some.

    Playing as an impostor is more fun, but the crew requires more patience.When you have a nice hack that lets you see the whole area, there's no reason to keep these limits. Each type of player also has restrictions that impede their progress. Ghosts cannot interact with the player, and their field of vision is restricted to a cone, darkening other areas and preventing progress due to cooldowns.


    Show Ghost

    When a player is killed, they become ghosts. If you have multiple Crewmates and Imposters, they can both become ghosts. You can still walk around to complete tasks, but you can no longer participate in chat or stop the sabotage countdown. The rest of the players who can see where ghosts are can use this knowledge to give an alibi when questioned.


    Ghost vision

    Ghosts have infinite vision, even through walls and obstructed areas. Being able to have this vision at all times is a huge boost.

    Being able to circumvent the restrictions placed on players with cooldowns, limited vision, and invisible ghosts greatly improves their ability to win. Play smart by tricking your friends with various hacks provided by CosmoCheats. CosmoCheats cannot be detected by Aimbot, Esp, Silent-Aim, etc. The Discord discussion area can also be used to ask questions with our staff who are active 24/7 on Discord, providing responsive, high quality support.


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    Our team participates in many cheat sites and understands the difficulty of finding reputable hacking software that does not block your PC or ban your account in minutes. With us, you'll get renowned software engineers who develop hacks for dozens of games. This allows the client to easily dominate other players while bypassing anti-cheat software and in-game developers.

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