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    Aimbot and ESP by Cosmo Cheats

  • Cosmocheats

    At Cosmo Cheats, we're the go-to for squad hacks that make gaming epic! Why pick us? Easy! We're loved by over 40,000 gamers – yep, that's a lot of happy players! Our squad aimbot is just the start. We offer instant delivery, so you're back in action fast. Plus, we accept all payments, even that crypto stuff. Stuck? Our 24/7 support is like a gaming guardian angel, always there to help. And hey, we've been rocking this since 2018, leading the pack with undetected, top-quality cheats. Even if you are not interested in Squad hacks, we have hacks for many other games, such as Apex Legends! Join our private community, and let's win together! If you ever want to view any other game cheats, you can go here.

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    What do we offer?

    Quality and Security

    At Cosmo Cheats, we've got your back with our top-notch Squad hacks! Our Squad aimbot and esp are so good, they're like having a gaming guardian angel. You've got questions? We've got answers, 24/7! Whether it's through our lively Discord community or our always-on website chat, our support's faster than a cheetah on a skateboard. And with our Squad esp hack, you'll see the game like never before – it's like having x-ray vision! No more waiting, we deliver your cheats faster than a pizza on a Friday night. Plus, we're as reliable as your grandma's old TV – always there, always clear. Join our squad of 40,000 happy gamers today!

    A Wide Range of Features:

    At Cosmo Cheats, we’re like the wizards of Squad cheats! Our magic? A smorgasbord of features that’ll make your gaming legendary. Think of our Squad aimbot as your personal sharpshooter – never miss a shot again. But wait, there’s more! Our Squad ESP is like having x-ray vision, see through walls and spot enemies a mile away. And for the cherry on top, we’ve got the godmode. It’s like being invincible, turning every match into your playground. Don't just play Squad, dominate it with Cosmo Cheats! 

    Fast and Reliable Support

    At Cosmo Cheats, we're like the superheroes of Squad cheats! Need fast help? We've got your back 24/7 with our awesome support. Whether it's Discord or live chat, we're always there, faster than you can say 'Squad aimbot'! Our Squad hacks are top-notch, and our support team is like a well-oiled machine, ready to assist at lightning speed. Stuck with a cheat? Just holler, and we'll swoop in for a super quick fix. It's like having a cheat guardian angel! Squad ESP hack issues? No problemo, we're on it! Fast, reliable, and always ready to save your game day! You can always refer to the support page for more info.

    Easy-to-Use Interface:

    At Cosmo Cheats, we know the struggle of complex interfaces, so for our Squad cheats, we've made things super simple! With just a few clicks, you can dive into the world of Squad hacks without a fuss. Our Squad aimbot and Squad ESP hacks are just at your fingertips, and you won't need a tech degree to figure them out! It's like using a TV remote but for leveling up your game big time. We've got an easy-breezy interface that even your grandma could navigate. So, get ready to boss up in Squad with our user-friendly setup. No headaches, just pure gaming fun!


  • Features

    Aimbot & Silent Aimbot

    At CosmoCheats, we're changing the game for Squad players with our super cool mods. Our Squad aimbot? It's a work of art in aim and stealth. It's got this silent aim feature, letting you target enemies like you're invisible. We've thrown in some smoothing options too, so your gameplay looks as smooth as a pro. And the adjustable FOV circle? It lets you tweak your aimbot's range just how you like it. Plus, in those super intense moments, our aim acceleration is like a secret weapon. Prepare to take over Squad like a boss

    Squad Aimbot by Cosmo Cheats

    ESP/Wallhack options

    Our ESP options for Squad cheats are like giving you a super-powered radar! You'll be so tuned in to the game, you'll feel like a master strategist. Not only can you track players and items in real time, but you also get to play around with colors and distance settings to get just the right look for you. And that's not all – we've packed in extras like name tags and health indicators. You'll have the inside scoop on everyone's status, friends and foes alike, on the battlefield. It's like having a high-tech command center right in your game!

    Squad ESP & Wallhacks by Cosmo Cheats

    Misc/Exploit Options

    Our extra features for Squad cheats are like a Swiss Army knife for your gaming toolkit! They're all about adding some extra zing and zazz to how you play. Take our recoil control – it's like having super steady hands, making your shots super accurate and speedy. Think of it as your secret weapon in those nail-biting shootouts. And then there's stuff like speedhack and flight – talk about fun overload! These aren't just cool tricks; they boost your game to new heights, literally and figuratively. Whether you're showing off your skills to the world or in the thick of a wild battle, these cheats are your golden ticket to an epic Squad adventure!

    Squad Speedhack by Cosmo Cheats
  • How can I get started?

    1. Register and Purchase

    Visit SIGN UP page and create an account. After registration, browse our selection of SQUAD HACKS. Choose the package that suits your needs. Complete the purchase to gain access to our discord server.


    2. Download and Install

    After purchase, follow the instructions for your product from the installation guide located in the top right of the site. The guide is also sent to your email after purchase.

    3. Configure and Launch

    Open the Client and configure your desired settings. Once you have customized it, launch into a server and enjoy the product.


  • FAQ's

    How To Cheat in Squad?

    Cheating in Squad with Cosmo Cheats is straightforward. Choose the cheat that suits your needs, follow our installation instructions, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced gameplay and security. A great cheat to start at is PRO AIM SQUAD.

    Does Squad Have Anti-Cheat?

    Yes, Squad has an anti-cheat system. We prioritize your safety by employing private drivers, regular updates, and advanced techniques to bypass the anti-cheat measures, ensuring that our cheats remain undetected and reliable.

    How to get Squad Hacks?

    Getting Squad hacks is easier than you think. Simply make a purchase and our simple guides will help you through the process. 

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