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  • PUBG ain’t no joke, but winning is hard to beat. That’s why you need us. At Cosmo Cheats, it’s as easy as pie. You’ll soon be pulling your aimbot-assisted headshots and seeing through walls (hi, PUBG esp!).

  • Why us? Because we’re not just another cheat shop. Our customer base exceeds 40,000 happy campers in 2024. Our support? Second to none. Available 24/7, even your granny will love it.

  • With instant delivery by email and a smorgasbord of payment options, you’ll be on the field in no time. And it’s not just PUBG cheats we sell. We offer the goods for more than 30 games. Not playing, but winning. That’s us.

What is the game PUBG about?

in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale title where the objective is to be the last man or surviving team standing. Players begin with no equipment and must loot for weapons, armour and supplies on an island. The game starts as each player is dropping from a plane into the island at their chosen location to scavenge for valuable loot they’ve seen, and sneak through areas to avoid enemy fire until the plane takes off and the playable space contracts over time. Players deployed with all form of weapons and tactic to fight against each other with narrow down shrinking play area (safe zone). The game facilitates the play for a single user, team of two or even in squad. Dynamics and strategy changes according to the type of play and is very intriguing. Each match you play, is something totally unpredictable, forthcoming with thrill and risk. Graphics are too real and the environment replicates like real scenes, making it a more realistic experience. The game developers regularly update the game and its contents making it more interesting and attractive to play.

PUBG Edit #1 | Cosmo Cheats

Aimbot with ESP always help with kills in PUBG

CosmoCheats's Features

  • PubgAimbotgif

    Aimbot & Silent Aimbot

    we’re stirring it up in PUBG like a blender; our PUBG aimbot it’s a ninja, don’t you see? all about precision, no bs: we added silent aim, and it’s super stealthy, so only you know what’s goin on! we also added smoothing, so your aim is as smooth as butter. you can change the range of your aimbot, by adjusting the FOV circle, a set of overlays that’ll make you look like a pro gamer. when the enemies get out of control, our aim acceleration is like a superhero coming to the rescue: you’re gonna dominate PUBG like a master!

  • PubgWallHacksgif

    ESP/Wallhack Options

    Our PUBG ESP/Wallhack is basically supplying you with a game of PUBG with superhero vision goggles! This is basically x-ray vision but cooler, you will see enemies with these boxes and skeletons all over them so you can find them way way way off! Out distance is also spot on so you can find out how close they are sneaking up. Also, our itemESP is like a treasure map, it shows you all the loot you can find, now you wont have to guess if it is rare loot or common loot because you can see them all at once and find them all in a flash. all of these cool tools put together make for a super clear view of the map, so you can line up your epic jaw dropping victories. It is time to outsmart everyone in PUBG!

pubgimage1 pubgimage2

What do we offer?

At Cosmo Cheats our motto is provide High Quality Undetected Cheats and Spoofers with 24/7 Exceptional Support🥇

  • Quality and Security

    we do PUBG cheats. Aimbot, esp and wallhack, you name it we got it. Undetected, like a ninja in the night! Our aimbot like its name, is actually the best thing since sliced bread. Like having a 6th sense, the best aimbot in town. PUBG esp and wallhack, see the game in a way you never thought possible! But it's not just that, we've also got your security sorted. Our cheats are as stealthy as a cat! You can 100 per cent not get banned when using our cheats! Not only do we have the best cheats, we also have the best security out there. our developers are working non-stop on the updates! Quality and security, we have loads of it.

  • A Wide Range of Features:

    we want you to have the edge in PUBG, and who doesn’t love a booster shot right? our PUBG cheats are like a special sauce that makes u king of the battleground. we want you to be sharper than a hawk and faster than a cheetah — our aimbot is like having your own personal sniper ; the X-ray vision of our ESP really puts out the pro in pro gamer, no more sneaky people popping out from around the corner to get you, and our norecoil feature really helps keep your shots steady. its like having your cake and eating it too — and its a game!! — and a free one at that. join our group of 40,000 other gamers that trust us for their victory dance.

  • Fast and Reliable Support

    Need help with your PUBG hacks? At CosmoCheats our support is fast and we help you in no time! Our support-team is online 24/7 and can help you even quicker than you can say “chicken dinner!” Either by our busy Discord community or by our stunning live chat, you can reach us in a split second. Got a question about a PUBG aimbot or wallhack? We can help you, and with our free personal setup installation service, you’ll be set up even faster than you can spot an enemy in the game. Are you ready for some speed? Our support is the best in 2024 and faster than an aimbot! You can always refer to the support page for more info. also you can check out our Dayz Cheats, EFT Cheats

  • Easy-to-Use Interface:

    we’ve got a smooth and easy-to-use interface that’s a walk in the park! Literally, a walk in the park for gaming. If you can use your grandma’s WhatsApp, then you can use our PUBG hack. PUBG hacks and aimbot are not the only thing going on here. It’s all about being user-friendly. Imagine how easy it is with our PUBG esp and wallhack. Buttons, clicks, boom! You’re in the game! No lines of code that you have to learn, kids. Just a couple of clicks and you can access all the coolest PUBG features. It’s a good thing for PUBG fans. You can jump into the action with ease. No need to sit and scratch your head over complex setup.

How have Hacks changed the Game?

  • Our hacks are giving PUBG players a much needed upperhand when playing, that no other traditional gameplay style can even come close from competing with. Hacks are now taking the game of PUBG to a whole different level, that you would have never thought was even possible to play in such a epic way along with. All of our hacks available for the game right now such as Aimbot, ESP and Wallhacks among other various cheats are allowing players to have an upperhand like never seen before! Our hacks are also allowing players to come up with new and innovative ways to play the game of PUBG as well. Overtime, PUBG is going to be evolving more and more, we’re also developing hacks that are going to be evolving just as well as the game itself. Now go ahead and see some of our new hacks at Cosmo Cheats.

How Can PUBG cheats improve PUBG for you?

PUBG cheats can help you make your gaming experience stand out whether you are simply looking to make the game more enjoyable or give yourself the edge over competition. Cosmos publishes a variety of cheats, including aimbot, ESP ,wallhack , register , and more that will help you impress with your overpowered skills and take your PUBG experience to the next level. Spot enemies faster, hit more targets, navigate game, rank up in record time, and more. Whether you are just looking to have some fun and play in a different way in a competitive environment, or are looking to rank up as fast as possible in order to play with other players, Cosmo has got you covered. Enjoy!

How can I get started?

  • Register and Purchase

    Visit SIGN UP page and create an account. After registration, browse our selection of PUBG HACKS Choose the package that suits your needs. Complete the purchase to gain access to our discord server. Register Now

  • Download and Install

    After purchase, follow the instructions for your product from the installation guide located in the top right of the site. The guide is also sent to your email after purchase.

  • Configure and Launch

    Open the Client and configure your desired settings for your Apex Legends mods. Once you have customized it, launch into a server and enjoy the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Cheat in PUBG?

    Cosmo Cheat offers easy to use PUBG cheats PUBG is one of the world's most popular video games. Cosmo Cheats gives you an easy way to cheat and wipe out your opponents. Just quicky browse our website for our extensive list of PUBG cheats including aimbot, ESP, wallhack whatever you want and download and install the cheats you desire, our instructions are very easy for starters. Once you have downloaded and installed the cheat software, activate the cheat and get ready to wipe out your enemy. Enjoy our user friendly cheats that make it easy to dominate the game quickly. Cosmo Cheats can make your choice for gaming.

  • How Easy To Cheat in PUBG?

    Cheating PUBG with Cosmo Cheats is extremely easy, which is exactly why we see cheat softwares on the rise. The software we provide is one of the easiest we saw to install and get to use straight away. For example, if i would like to use our Aimbot for PUBG – a cheat module that automatically shoot the enemy for you and is the most popular among hardcore cheaters, that’s just as easy as clicking the Download button on our website and following a few simple instructions. My goal with Cosmo Cheats is to make the software absolutely accessible to anybody who would like to try it out, even if they have never heard of the term “cheat” before. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my cheats at the beginnning and move on to the more advanced pieces of software, learning as they go. Experience the lightning fast operation of fully packed and tested cheats for your favorite games.

  • How Many People Cheat in PUBG?

    We have seen a massive influx of PUBG cheat orders lately, so have taken the decision to make powerful cheats available to all our PUBG players. This includes, but not limited to, PUBG Aimbot, ESP and wallhacks. As we know, PUBG is highly competitive, and folx always try to get an advantage over others which is why there is a demand for such cheats. Our tools work very well, hence must be very popular as everyone uses them! Get your Cosmo Cheats today and see why so many folks use us to get an advantage. => PUBG CHEATS

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