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    Since its early release, PUBG has amassed millions of fans around the world. However, like all multiplayer games, it was invaded by various cheats and hacks from the beginning. The PUBG developer remains vigilant against PUBG hacks and his PUBG cheats to ensure fair play for all players.

    PUBG Corp often quickly bans cheating players when other players report cheating after noticing their strange abilities. However, the problem remains that most of these hacks are difficult to detect or prove in the first place. Game developers have also integrated anti-cheat systems to automatically detect cheats and hacks, but the system has limitations and can hardly detect modified or advanced hacks, making it difficult for hackers to has always been able to find workarounds since the game's release.


    PUBG Aimbot

    The aimbot hack is a cheat in many shooters that automatically points the player's gun at the enemy. While it can be lethal as it removes all user input required for aiming, PUBG developers need aimbots to help identify game-changing bugs and glitches.

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds target prediction kills enemies before they see you. If your game needs to know how well your shots work, these aimbots are the right choice. If it's not a scam, what could be more efficient than using an app on our phone that does all this for us? Even better, we also get infinite ammo and health packs!

    The biggest advantage of playing with weapons modded with Auto Aim Cheats (AAC) and ESP hacks enabled by default, aside from being fun, is that enemies see through your radar when you can't see them. Your chances of survival increase because the software doesn't allow you to do that. Players have full control over their visibility during gameplay.


    PUBG ESP and Wallhack

    ESP or "Extra Sensory Perception" is a very common cheat in first person shooter games that allows the user to observe the game as a third person, seeing the names and locations of all other players wherever they are. will do so. Wallhack, as the name suggests, is another popular cheat that allows users to see various entities through walls and obstacles. This lets you see ammo, enemies, supplies, and other basic items through walls and obstacles, and explore the map even if you want to get the best gear long before anyone else. Even if you can get a big advantage in the game. Just pump up your K/D without all the surprise attacks, or by knowing exactly where your enemies are and planning your attacks before they even realize you're there.


    Flying Cars‏‏‏

    The Flying Cars cheat eliminates the risk of hitting an obstacle and damaging the vehicle or getting damaged from the ring by simply allowing the user to fly over the obstacle. This particular hack is very dangerous when used without restrictions, but if used wisely and strictly according to the instructions, even this is completely undetectable and much easier to relocate, so it's a huge advantage in the game.


    Footprint Hack

    Footprints are one of the easiest ways to track enemies in-game, so this PUBG hack of his greatly reduces trackability for players. With this hack, you can sneak around unnoticed and go about your own business without being tracked.


    High Damage Hack

    The design of PUBG requires certain shots at certain locations to kill or immobilize an enemy. However, this hack is designed to either deal excessive damage or kill instantly with each shot, regardless of where it hits. A very useful hack, especially if you're facing multiple attackers.


    Distance Hack

    Attack probability often depends on the proximity of the enemy. Therefore, knowing exactly how far away an enemy is can be very helpful in properly preparing for battle or deciding to avoid a skirmish. Range Hacks provide players with details of enemy ranges so they can assess threat levels and take appropriate action.


    Why is CosmoCheats the best provider of PUBG hacks?‏

    CosmoCheats is the leading provider of safe, effective, high-quality cheats and hacks for many different games. Our developers create and provide concise, intuitive, easy-to-use gameplay cheats that let players crank up their win rate, level up their accounts, and complete games without any difficulty. Even if you don't wish to use heavily gameplay-affecting cheats like aimbot and no recoil, you can easily learn great loot spawns and various hiding spots by utilizing loot and enemy ESP to its full potential, letting you up your game knowledge without having to grind hours and hours of playing and learn the hard way.

    Between aimbot, wallhacks, ESP, no recoil, and many more, our comprehensive PUBG cheats and hacks package is loaded with tools to give you a leg up on the battlefield without any risk of being caught, whether you want to win fights in seconds, learn more about crucial map spots, get tons of loot as quickly as possible, or boost your rank by winning games easily.‏

    Hacks and cheats are notoriously difficult to pull off safely, especially as anti-cheat software grows more and more intrusive. Even worse, a lot of "developers" offer what seem to be free programs that give you these cheats, but they either never work properly or end up getting detected by anti-cheat, which can very easily lead to you losing access to your account. If you're looking for reliable cheats and hacks, CosmoCheats is the safest bet. Virtually undetectable by anti-cheat software, our cheats are constantly updated to keep up with evolving anti-cheat and game patches, so you don't have to worry about risk.


    PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Shooter Gameplay Strategy

    When it comes to game plans, PUBG focuses on two main strategies.
    Go wild and hide.
    Players can either engage in a horrifying carnage to defeat all enemies, or find a hiding place to protect themselves until the time comes. Going wild and crazy gives you a slight advantage over later approaches, giving you more rewards and points for successfully completing the game, but the outcome, whether positive or negative, is what you get. It also depends a lot on your weapons and gear. Also, like other players, you'll have to start the fight without a weapon and search buildings and other areas for weapons, ammunition, weapons, and other items. If you have a long-range machine gun with the best scope and a level 3 Spetsnaz helmet and want to join the firefight, go ahead. A powerful weapon or rifle that covers a large area and has impressive damage capacity, magazine capacity, and rate of fire will help you kill enemies and dominate an area easily, so it's a good idea to hide and not participate in unnecessary discussions. Decide when and how to hide, retreat, or engage in combat based on your gameplay strategy, weapon stash, and abilities.






Cosmo Cheats strives to provide the highest quality cheats for all the AAA games at the most possible lowest price. Our knowledgeable support team will be happy the help you with any issues you may encounter. Dont miss out on elite and private cheats to give you that upper edge in games you love!

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