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  • At Cosmo Cheats, we're like the wizards of BattleBit cheats! With over 40,000 happy gamers, our BattleBit hacks are top-notch. Need an aimbot or ESP? We've got you covered! Our team works around the clock, Ensuring everything's up-to-date.

  • Plus, we've got a cool Discord community - like a secret club for cheat masters! And hey, our support team's always ready to help, even if you're stuck at 3 AM.

  • Choose us, and it's like giving your game a superpower boost. No capes required! If you're not a fan of Battlebit, consider checking out our Fortnite cheats. If you ever want to view any other game cheats.

What is Battlebit all about?

Battlebit is the first, beautiful and addictive multiplayer first-person shooter where you fight in huge battles on maps as big as the world. Featuring smooth surfacing and lighting, as well as highly detailed objects and creatures, Battlebit provides a highly dynamic, stylish and immersive experience in the world of voxel-based graphics. The voxels are shaped at an atomic scale and reveal the inner workings of models along their surfaces. The shooting is as realistic as it needs to be with a wide variety of weapons from old school SMG to super soaker water guns, topped off with the immense thrill of combat with jet fighter planes and tanks. And teamwork mainly, strategic planning and sheer speed define gameplay in this amazing, stunning and real looking futuristic shooter. Visit Cosmo Cheats for Battlebit Cheats.

Battlebit Edit #1 | Cosmo Cheats

Get that advantage with Cosmo Cheats Battlebit hack

CosmoCheats's Features

  • BattlebitAimbotgif

    Aimbot & Silent Aimbot

    When you're playing with a Cosmo Cheats BattleBit aimbot, you're playing to win. Our aimbots are more precise than a bullseye on the range. They're smoother than liquid. And, more importantly, you can customise your shooting profile. You'll be the Tailor to your own shooting dresses. We move with the tides. With Cosmo Cheats, you're not catching a wave, you're riding them. Battlebit will twist this way and that, but we're indeed adapting … We're going with it. So, If you're going in, go in and go in hard. You're playing to win.

  • BattlebitEspgif

    ESP/Wallhack options

    Many of our BattleBit cheats options relate to ESP. With these options, you can use your gaming sixth sense in surprising configuration! Imagine this: you could actually see any enemy positions as a high-tech predator does, you'd see each item dropped on the map as if they're glowing in the dark and you would have tactical overlays, a general would envy you - all integrated with the game! It's not you watching the game, it finally becomes your game! This gets even better, as our ESP options are fully customizable.

Battlebit1 Battlebit2

What do we offer?

At Cosmo Cheats our motto is provide High Quality Undetected Cheats and Spoofers with 24/7 Exceptional Support🥇

  • Quality and Security

    Quality and safety is our ongoing obsession – with Battlebit cheats from Cosmo Cheats! Your secret super-power in Battlebit is that you’re not actually a normal human player – you’re US! Like human cheats, our Battlebit hack is super-powerful, but also keeps your actions undetectable by the gaming system. You’re like a ninja – silent and stealthy, but launching massive attacks on your enemy’s base! With our Battlebit cheats, of course – you can’t do the actual cheating yourself! Battlebit isn’t just gaming, it’s wining – with our secret Undetected Hacks! Rest assured we can be there for you 24/7 because we’re like a pizza place – for gamers who need cheats. No pain, all gain, with this secret weapon. No pouf, No lag – just smooth, Satisfying gaming

  • A Wide Range of Features:

    Need cheats for BattleBit? Need more cheats to help you play the very best that BattleBit has to offer? Welcome to Cosmo Cheats, where we make you better at BattleBit, through cheating! We’ve all got cheats to help win at a game without playing it. We’re the secret gamer ally who’s got your back. BattleBit? You need an edge. You need our aimbot that gauges the terrain of your target – wicked aiming for video warfare – like GPS for gamers. And our ESP, it’s x-ray vision minus the spandex. Can’t fly in BattleBit? Get our flyhack and soar like an ace in the skies! But be sure to pack a virtual parachute if you can’t also land. Wicked. No lame ballplayers here: Your gaming’s always on another level! It’s easy being great!

  • Fast and Reliable Support

    Fastest support in the galaxy! We at Cosmo Cheats also offer support through Discord and live chat for all our BattleBit cheats! We’re here 24/7, faster than a tactical auto-switch addict on an energy-drink binge. We are like a gaming pit crew: quick, efficient, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. We even have a free personal setup installation service with all of our cheats. With our cheats and our service, you don’t have to worry about installations: we’ll install it for you while you’re in another universe playing your favorite game!

  • Easy-to-Use Interface:

    Need some BattleBit cheats? Look no further than Cosmo Cheats! With a user friendly BattleBit cheats user interface even a grade-schooler could use it! Our BattleBit aimbot and ESP are a simple click away, and getting setup is easy as walking in a park! Also The BattleBit cheats we toys you are using are undetectable, nobody knows! Also we are not just full of fun and laughter: our staff will be avaliable anytime to help you avoiding any issues with our awesome BattleBit hacks, bringing your gaming experience to next level. So your are wondering how to be the hero in BattleBit? This is your chance. Join us and we will make it posible!

How Could Cheating Change Battlebit?

  • Cheating is capable of creating a literal game-changing experience within Battlebit as it can allow you to gain serious advantages in terms of gameplay that will turn the tables and refashion the battlefield itself. This is where Cosmo Cheats come into play. Our selection of top-quality hacks which comprise things such as aimbot, ESP and wallhacks will all be able to boost your player performance via enhanced accuracy, increased awareness, and telepathic knowledge of your enemies location. These features will allow you to be in full control of your game.

How To Use Our Cheat In Battlebit?

Cosmo Cheats cheat here on our website makes using our cheat on Battlebit easy, fast, and effective. If you publish this line you can have easy access to a range of powerful hacks for BB to enable you to take over games like Battlebit. This means that with a few clicks, you can be using our powerful aimbot or wallhack. Our hacks are easy to use. All you have to do is download one from our extensive range and follow the instructions our devs wrote. Once downloaded and installed, all you have to do to start playing the game and launch our cheat and hit the hotkey. You’ll start the Battlebit match enjoying better aim with our aimbot and seeing enemies more clearly.

How can I get started?

  • Register and Purchase

    Visit SIGN UP page and create an account. After registration, browse our selection of Battlebit Cheats Choose the package that suits your needs. Complete the purchase to gain access to our discord server. Register Now

  • Download and Install

    After purchase, follow the instructions for your product from the installation guide located in the top right of the site. The guide is also sent to your email after purchase.

  • Configure and Launch

    Open the Client and configure your desired settings for your Battlebit mods. Once you have customized it, launch into a server and enjoy the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Cheat's Can Let You Win And Take Control In Battlebit?

    Battlebit cheats can greatly increase your chances of winning and taking control and Cosmo Cheats offers a selection of powerful hacks that will provide you with great tools to give you that extra edge. Hacks like our aimbot, ESP, and wallhacks features will give you the ability to shoot accurately, make the enemy appear right through walls so you can see them before they can see you and will also increase your awareness to know where the enemy is even when they are not looking at you. So imagine being in the biggest Battle Bit battle and killing 20 opponents thro obstacle's or thro wall's and surviving to the last one left in the Battlebit world.

  • How Many People Cheating In Battlebit?

    The need for cheats at Battlebit has been rising with thousands upon thousands of gamers taking their desire to compete to the limit of the large-scale multiplayer FPS, and that’s why we at Cosmo Cheats are striving our best to provide our customers with more and better hacks (aimbots, ESPs, Wallhacks) to satisfy that demand. As you can see, their use is spreading to the point where most people cheat to win as they feel that it’s the only way for them to feel that level of competitiveness and power. Do yourself a favour, and get some of our cheats to get you ahead in Battlebit, And earn yourself many more wins and kills.

  • Which Anti Cheat Do Battlebit Use?

    Battlebit have a strong anti-cheat system in place to protect fighter’s and make the gameplay fair. Their system constantly scans all players for any signs of hacking and checking all live game data for any signs of cheating. Despite Battlebit having these checks in place, a large amount of players are still visiting Cosmo cheats for aimbot, ESP and wallhacks. Our hacks for this game are made for Battlebit specifically to bypass all their anti-cheat systems so that you can use our cheats without having to worry about detection. Get Cosmo cheats for Battlebit today and never lose another round again.

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