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    Undetected Quality Hacks for the game Unturned

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    Cosmo Unturned Edit #1 | Cosmo Cheats

    Cosmo Unturned will just make you the best at the game

    Cosmo Unturned Edit #2 | Cosmo Cheats

    Our undetected Cosmo Unturned and ProAim will get you all the loot you have ever wanted!

  • Cosmocheats

    Choose CosmoCheats for your Unturned gaming needs and elevate your gameplay with the utmost confidence. Our Unturned cheats are meticulously crafted by a proactive team of developers, ensuring an edge in both quality and stealth. With daily updates and private drivers, we provide an undetectable gaming advantage, all while supported by the trust and feedback from thousands of satisfied customers and an impressive collection of positive reviews. If you ever want to view any other game cheats, you can go here.

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    What do we offer?

    Quality and Security

    We stand out in the gaming community for providing top-tier Unturned cheats that are synonymous with quality and security. Our cheats are rigorously developed and maintained undetected, ensuring you can focus on dominating the game without the risk of compromise. With the safety of private drivers and the guarantee of daily updates, we ensure you will always be undetected. You can always check the status.

    A Wide Range of Features:

    We offer a expansive suite of features for Unturned cheats to cater to every gamer's strategy and style. Our aimbot is precision-engineered, allowing for impeccable target tracking, while the visual features/ESP give players a tactical advantage by enhancing situational awareness. Additionally, our misc options offer a breadth of customizable settings, ensuring a personalized and enhanced gaming experience

    Fast and Reliable Support

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected not just in our cheats, but also in our customer service. We offer fast and reliable support around the clock with our 24/7 live support system, ensuring that help is always available when you need it. This dedication to our users is backed by more than 2000 positive reviews, highlighting the trust and satisfaction our support team consistently delivers to the gaming community. You can always refer to the support page for more info.

    Easy-to-Use Interface:

     We pride ourselves on delivering Unturned hacks with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that gamers of all skill levels can effortlessly navigate and customize their cheats. We understand the importance of a straightforward and intuitive user experience, which is why our interface is designed for quick setup and smooth operation, allowing you to spend less time configuring and more time enjoying your gaming edge. 


  • Features

    Aimbot & Silent Aimbot

    Unturned aimbot is engineered with precision and stealth in mind. Featuring a silent aimbot function, it ensures that your targeting remains covert, keeping your playstyle undetectable. The visibility check feature adds a layer of smart targeting, ensuring that the aimbot is activated only when opponents are in clear line of sight, which enhances realism and reduces the likelihood of detection. Moreover, with a changeable Field of View setting, you have the flexibility to adjust the aimbot's targeting range to fit your personal preference.

    Cosmo Unturned Aimbot/Silent Aimbot by Cosmo Cheats

    ESP/Wallhack options

    The visual features of our Unturned hacks bring a new level of tactical advantage to your gameplay. Our 'Skeleton' ESP allows you to see the bone structure of players through obstacles, giving you insightful previews of their movements and positioning. 'Distance' indicators keep you constantly informed about how close each opponent is, enabling you to make strategic decisions based on your proximity to potential threats. Additionally, our cheats display other critical player info, such as health bars and names, ensuring that you have a complete situational overview.

    Cosmo Unturned ESP and Wallhacks by Cosmo Cheats

    Misc/Exploit Options

    Our misc options cater to a personalized and strategic gameplay experience with features like Override FOV, which allows for an expanded visual scope beyond the game's inherent limitations. The remove sway and recoil functionalities grant a remarkable steadiness to your aim, making every shot count with pinpoint accuracy, while the remove spread feature ensures that the bullets hit exactly where you aim, further enhancing your shooting precision. For close combat, the extended melee range gives players the upper hand, allowing them to strike at foes from a surprising distance. 

    Cosmo Unturned Misc/Exploits by Cosmo Cheats
  • How can I get started?

    1. Register and Purchase

    Visit SIGN UP page and create an account. After registration, browse our selection of Unturned Hacks. Choose the package that suits your needs. Complete the purchase to gain access to our discord server.


    2. Download and Install

    After purchase, follow the instructions for your product from the installation guide located in the top right of the site. The guide is also sent to your email after purchase.

    3. Configure and Launch

    Open the Client and configure your desired settings. Once you have customized it, launch into a server and enjoy the product.


  • FAQ's

    How To Use Cheats In Unturned?

    With our cheats your Unturned experience will be as smooth as possible. With a exteremly intuitive menu and 24/7 support, you will be in the game winning in no time. A great cheat to start at is ProAim Unturned.

    How To Get Cheats for Unturned?

    It is easier then you think! Simply Purchase and follow the instructions, you can refer to the getting started page. If you ever have any issues, dont be afraid to get support!

    What Anti-Cheat Does Unturned Use?

    Unturned utilizes the BattlEye anti-cheat system to safeguard its gameplay, but at CosmoCheats, we stay one step ahead. Our cheats are intricately designed to bypass BattlEye's defenses through constant updates and the use of private drivers, which cloak the cheats with advanced exploiting techniques.

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