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    Private HWID Spoofer ⚡ Enjoy Your Game While Staying Undetected ⚡ Bypass detection with the help from our RING 0 HWID Spoofers ⚡ Best Spoofer For Your Game Available!

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    Since I started using CosmoCheats, my gameplay has improved significantly. The aimbot and ESP features have given me a competitive edge I never thought possible. Thanks, CosmoCheats! Their cheats are undetected, and the support team is always there to help when I need it. Thanks to Cosmo Team!

    Member: Brandon


    I've been using Cosmo Cheats for DayZ for a while now, and I'm thrilled with the results. The hacks have transformed my gaming experience, allowing me to dominate my opponents and have more fun while playing. The undetected DayZ hacks offered by Cosmo Cheats are reliable, easy to use, and have provided me with the edge I needed to excel in the game.

    The DayZ ESP is incredibly helpful, making it easy to spot enemies and loot items, allowing me to make better decisions and plan my moves effectively. I can't recommend Cosmo Cheats enough for anyone looking to elevate their DayZ experience and enjoy the game even more.

    Member: DesireKiller


    As a dedicated DayZ player, I have tried multiple cheats and hacks to enhance my gaming experience. However, none of them come close to the DayZ Liquid Cheat provided by Cosmo Cheats. The undetected DayZ cheats have made my gaming sessions more enjoyable and engaging, allowing me to outsmart my opponents and have more fun.

    The DayZ aimbot has significantly improved my accuracy, making it much easier for me to take down enemies without breaking a sweat. The DayZ ESP feature has been instrumental in helping me locate valuable loot and avoid ambushes. I have had no issues with bans or suspensions, and I am delighted with the results. I highly recommend Cosmo Cheats to any DayZ player looking for a competitive edge.

    Member: SilverTime

  • What is HWID Spoofer? How to Spoof your HWID?

    HWID spoofer = HWID Changer

    A tool that lets you change hardware IDs to bypass anti-cheat systems. It can be thought of as an anti-cheat workaround.

    Some Anti-Cheats are Stronger 

    It's important to note that not all anti-cheat systems work the same. Some are more intense than others. HWID banning methods vary for each game.

    Game Enjoyment

    Having a reliable HWID changer is essential if you want to keep enjoying games with hacks activated.


    For instance, COD Warzone uses a Shadow-ban feature. If you're shadow-banned, your game client won't connect to the normal game. That's why it's crucial to use a suitable HWID spoofer with undetected Warzone Hacks.

    What is a Spoofer in Gaming?

    These days, game developers are taking serious steps to stop cheating in various games – from adding anti-cheat systems to giving out bans to gamers using hacks. That's why a HWID spoofer has become a useful tool for those wanting to use cheat codes and make games like COD Vanguard, Modern Warfare, Warzone, RUST, Apex Legends, and others more enjoyable. By the way, HWID stands for hardware identification, a unique code assigned to hardware. Software licenses often rely on hardware ID as a kind of security measure.

    FAQ & Features of HWID SPOOFER from Cosmo Cheats

    How to Get a Key:

    We suggest buying the key for the spoofer through our shop. This way, we can provide the best service. If you buy from a reseller, we can't offer support if needed.

    IP Spoofer:

    For IP spoofing, use a VPN like NordVPN or similar provider.

    Super Spoofer Even Spoofs Your MAC Address:

    Our spoofer changes everything, including your MAC address. It works for most games, including:

    And many more - check product description of each spoofer available in our Cosmo Cheats Store

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