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  • Private SCUM Hacks and Cheats by CosmoCheats: Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack

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    Scum Hacks

    Scum is one of the newest open world online multiplayer games developed and published in collaboration between Gamepires and Croteam. The game was first released for his Windows on Steam, and the exclusivity is for good reason. If you're an experienced gamer who spends most of your day gaming and don't like childish base games, this is the best choice.

    The story is the aftermath of a jailbreak in Croatia, along with his 100 other survivors, with multiple game modes such as Open World, Team His Deathmatch, and Special Events.

    This game is about more than just killing and surviving. B. Player vital stats, diet adherence, etc. Scum is the game for you if you're looking for something to keep you busy all day and when you first look at this game it makes you feel like this is for the pros.The graphics are close to reality and the animations is smooth and delivers a flawless gaming experience overall.The audio team has also done an excellent job, and it's fairly immersive, not lousy at any point, from the wind through the grass to the sound effects of footsteps and weapons. Developed audio and sound effects for All well done.

    Start by choosing your character's skills and abilities based on stealth, intelligence, build, and strength. Skills can be selected according to playstyle and personal preferences to ensure a fully customizable experience. While playing the game there is not only an unrealistic health bar you have to care about but it gives you an overview of detailed vital stats like pulse, heartbeat, blood sugar levels, carbohydrates and proteins, and vitamins in your character body and you need to choose your diet accordingly to maintain the character abilities to run and carry weight and stuff.

    The game modes are versatile and you can have all your favorite game modes in one place with optimal graphics.

    The game modes are:


    • Survival Mode:

    Survival mode is truly open world and you are spawned on a post-apocalyptic island after a zombie outbreak with 100 other online players that you can interact with and use your intelligence, strength, and awareness to survive through the game.

    • Battle Royale mode:

    The game has Battle Royale mode for you to enjoy it when you want a break from your progress in story mode and you can compete against other fugitives from the prison to be the last man surviving and win the game.

    • Team Death Match:

    Developers of Scum introduced Team DeathMatch mode for the players to compete against each other and test their skills in their favorite game. Team Deathmatch lets you create a team of friends and play against other teams to eliminate them.



    Scum Aimbot

    Aiming in a scum is a real challenge, as you have to consider not only target aiming and movement, but many other factors such as air direction, distance and altitude. With the Scum Aimbot, you can fire with 100° accuracy and have the peace of mind that every shot you fire is aimed at your enemy. The Scum Aimbot also automatically tracks enemy movements and adjusts for optimal accuracy accordingly. If you shoot while sprinting, you are more likely to miss. However, the Scum Aimbot allows you to move freely and aim accurately while shooting.

    Scum Aimbot offers:


    • 100 - the accuracy of each shot that hits the enemy.
    • Ability to track enemy movements and adapt accordingly.
    • Range indicator to warn of potential damage.


    Scum ESP

    Scum ESP is a great aid to survival in the game as it requires extra eyes due to complex terrain and multiple factors that depend on survival. This is made possible with Scum ESP. You can see through objects and houses to spot enemies in advance. Scum ESP can also help locate deployed explosives and scan for critical items needed for survival.

    The features provided by Scum ESP are:


    • Ability to easily spot enemies hiding in terrain. o Recognize potential threats in advance and strategize accordingly.
    • Discover explosives placed along the way.
    • Find the essential items and weapons you need.
    • Fully customize the colors to your liking to accentuate each individually.


    Scum Wallhack

    Scum Wallhack is another great Scum Hack that enables you to spot the enemies hiding in the houses, behind walls and other solid objects that you cannot see through. With Scum Wallhack enabled, you can locate the enemies behind walls easily and move around them or choose to kill them according to your game plan and strategy. The Scum Wallhack allows you some great features that are:

    • Ability to locate enemies hidden behind walls and other solid objects.
    • Being able to see if your bullets can penetrate through the object and cause damage to the enemy.


    External SCUM Radar Hack and Speed Hack

    We decided to sell the SCUM Radar Hack as a separate tool. It acts as an additional card displaying all the information you have selected. When ESP is based on distance, the radar scans the entire map and shows the location of enemies, prey, vehicles, animals, etc.

    Being external, it can also be used on another PC and linked to the game. The best part is that no one will know you are cheating and no packets will be sent from your PC to the game servers. Useful together with the SCUM Speed Hack as the radar shows the location of a particular object and allows you to get there in seconds even if the object is on the other side of the map.


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