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  • Pre-Setup / Support Tool

    Cosmo Support Tool Video

    Support tool video to help you with cosmo product instillation


    1. Open your Windows Security settings.
    2. Navigate to "Virus & threat protection".
    3. Click on "Manage settings".
    4. Turn off "Real-time protection".
    5. Click the "Download Now" button to download the support tool.
    6. Open the downloaded file to begin installation.
    7. Run the support tool as admin by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator".
    8. Go through the support tool's tabs:

      In the Windows Settings tab, ensure the first 3 boxes are green. Use the buttons next to them to disable/enable settings as needed.

      On other pages, make sure all settings are green.

    9. Once all settings are green, you are good to go.
    10. If you have any further questions or face problems, join our Discord server HERE and create a ticket.
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