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How To Avoid Bans when using cheats


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In this guide, I will demonstrate how to maintain a low detection rate while utilizing our cheats!

I understand that many of you aspire to dominate every game from the get-go. However, before diving in, allow me to impart my knowledge regarding cheats and how to remain undetected for extended periods.

I have been playing Call of Duty since season 2, accumulating over 600 hours on my main account without any bans. Additionally, I have achieved Master rank in Apex with over 800 hours on my main account, also avoiding any bans.

Now, you may wonder how I manage this. Allow me to share my techniques with you!

I will divide this guide into three areas:

1) Aimbot Usage

2) ESP (WallHack) Deception

3) KD Ratio and Win Ratio

Aimbot Usage: I employ a conservative approach by using a small FOV, typically around 15-17 (depending on the software; please inquire in our support). Furthermore, I set the smooth rate as high as possible. This enables me to have a strong aim assist rather than an overt AimBot. Consequently, when administrators review my gameplay, they will find nothing suspicious about my aiming. Trust me, this method not only enhances your long-term aim but also significantly improves your chances of winning matches.

ESP (WallHack) Deception: Act as if you don't have it! Avoid tracking enemies through walls or taking a direct path towards them. Play as you would without ESP (WallHack)! Only aim at enemies that are visible to you. I utilize ESP (WallHack) to extricate myself from disadvantageous situations, identify better positions, and assess the number of opponents I will face. If an administrator scrutinizes your gameplay, refrain from providing any reason to suspect that you are using ESP (WallHack). By doing so, you'll remain in the clear.

KD and Win Ratio: I understand the thrill of starting fresh with cheats! Initially, I would win every game, eliminating anyone in my path, and it was an exhilarating experience! However, that excitement was short-lived when I faced a ban. We don't want the same outcome for you, which is why I'm offering this guide. From our end, we always strive to maintain cheat safety. It's worth noting that 99% of users who were banned with our cheats had abused the aforementioned strategies. You can't win every game or eliminate every opponent in every situation. Sometimes, it's necessary to accept defeat and lose the game. I know you want to win, but trust me, maintaining a reasonable KD and win ratio is more crucial.

These are all the tips I have for you. I sincerely hope you adhere to them, stay secure, and enjoy your gaming experience!

-CosmoCheats Team! ♥️

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