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How to re-activate your windows


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Follow the steps below to reactivate your Windows:

[+] Disable Your Anti-Virus: Before proceeding, ensure that your anti-virus software is temporarily disabled.

[+] Access Registry Editor: Press the Windows key + R together to open the "Run" dialogue box. Type "regedit" and click "OK".

[+] Navigate to the SPPSVC File Permissions: In the Registry Editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Currentversion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform.

[+] Adjust Permissions: Right-click on the "SoftwareProtectionPlatform" folder and select "Permissions".

[+] Modify SPPSVC Permissions: In the Permissions window, locate "sppsvc" and grant it full control by checking the appropriate boxes. Click "OK". (If you can't find "sppsvc", add it with the following permission: NT Service\sppsvc).

[+] Download the Reactivation File: Download the reactivation file from the following link: https://mega.nz/file/0N5QDYLa#iJseVZEWlOSkgbVWJwBo0KxtX34E4jyt0zrBTDTxkNc. Make sure to run this file.

[+] Activate Windows: Once the reactivation process is successful, you can now activate Windows again.

[+] Activate with License or Use Program: You can either use the provided program to activate Windows or utilize your own license. Download the activation program from this link: [Insert download link here].

Note: You only need to run the reactivator exe file once. If it was successful, simply restart your system and use KMSAuto or your license whenever you need to reactivate Windows.

If you encounter "error 5" after the last step, follow these troubleshooting steps: https://bit.ly/3Mxx4hm

If the issue persists, you can try using the Windows Media Creation Tool. Create an ISO, mount it, and perform an in-place upgrade. This process will fix any errors without losing your programs or data. Watch this video tutorial for detailed instructions: https://youtu.be/l06XupVqH74

Please ensure that you comply with all applicable licensing agreements and regulations when activating Windows.

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