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How To Get Around 2-Step SMS Verification From Blizzard


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Blizzard has introduced SMS-based two-step verification for creating a Blizzard account.

While some may find it easy to obtain SIM cards, others may face difficulties in acquiring them through unconventional means.

To address this issue, we have gone the extra mile and discovered a solution that ensures a seamless experience for everyone.

By using this designated page, you can now receive two-step verification codes effortlessly.

This feature enables you to create multiple Blizzard accounts and resume playing Call of Duty without any hindrance!

In the near future, we will also be incorporating a COD specialized spoofer. This comprehensive tool not only offers a spoofer option but also includes a trace cleaner. With this powerful combination, along with the ability to bypass two-step verification, nothing can stand in your way. ♥️

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