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  • DMA stands for "Direct Memory Access" and is a concept in computer science and digital systems. However, when it comes to video game cheating, "DMA" is often used as an abbreviation for a specific type of cheating technique known as "Direct Memory Access cheating."
  • Direct Memory Access cheating involves manipulating the game's memory directly to gain an advantage or exploit certain game mechanics. Skilled cheaters may use tools or programs that allow them to locate and alter these values in real-time, effectively granting themselves unfair advantages in the game.
  • DMA cheating can be used to perform various actions, such as increasing player stats, bypassing game restrictions, or modifying the game environment to gain an edge over other players.

What's Required to use DMA?

  1. Main PC (to run the game)
  2. 2nd PC (Note: this PC can be whatever you want, laptop, $150 Amazon Mini PC, etc.)
  3. DMA Card
  4. DMA Card Firmware
  5. DMA Cheat

What are the Benefits of using DMA?

  1. Very low detection rates.
  2. Cheaper monthly cost, DMA cheats are generally cheaper monthly when compared to internals.
  3. Saved money over time! You will spend less money over time on accounts & cheat subscriptions.
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