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What is an HWID Ban?

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What is an HWID Ban?

A HWID (Hardware ID) is a method used by game developers and anti cheat systems to permanently ban cheaters from their servers or game. This methods targets specific components of the players computer to get the serial numbers of their hardware. They will save this information and remember it, so that if the player create a new account or reinstalls the game, the ban will stay in effect. Here's the step by step of how this process works: 

  1. Identification of Hardware components
    •  Each computer has unique serials for their hardware components, referred to as the HWID.
  2. Detection of Cheating
    • When a player is detected as cheating, the games anti cheat records these serials.
  3. The Ban
    • The anti-cheat then blocks any attempts to access the game from that specific HWID, preventing the player from playing the game again on that device.

Avoiding HWID Bans

Using A Spoofer

There are many ways to avoid a HWID ban, but the best is usually to buy a quality and effective spoofer. A great place to start is Cosmo Spoofer. This will change your serials to mimic different hardware IDs. This tricks the anti-cheat system and will let you play again. This method is safe and efficient.

Other Methods

  • Hardware Replacement: Replacing the hardware components that are identified by the HWID can be an option, but it's often costly and impractical.
  • System Reinstallation: Reinstalling the operating system and making some hardware changes can sometimes help, but it's not a guaranteed solution.


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