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Is Using Cheats In Video Games Illegal?

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Is Using Cheats In Video Games Illegal?

Using cheats in video games is completely legal. However, it can also depend on the context. For example, when you buy a game, you buy a license to use the software under terms (Terms of service). If you cheat you can break these terms. This can result in consequences like:

  • Banned from the game (HWID banned, Shadow banned)
  • Getting your IP restricted
  • Loss of progress inside the games

Some games are very strict with their bans, and some are more lenient.  However, if you use the cheat safely and carefully, especially with out undetected cheats, there is a very low chance of this happening. There is always methods around these bans as well such as HWID spoofers.

Varying Strictness of Bans by Game

  • Strict Ban Policies

Some games have very strict policies regarding cheating. For example, Escape from Tarkov uses a 3-strike system, where if you are caught cheating three times, you will be HWID banned.

  • More Lenient Ban Policies

Other games may be more lenient, allowing for more chances before a permanent ban is enforced.


Cheating in video games is totally legal, and the only rules you will end up breaking is the TOS. With our undetected cheats, you wont have to worry about this!


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