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How To Use Game Cheats Safely


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How to Use Game Cheats Safely

Game cheats may give you advantage when playing online, but if you aren't careful, using cheats can land you in ban-land or, even worse, damage your system! Here is the advice you should follow to be aware of the risks that using cheats entails, yet still have fun cheating.

1. Choose Reliable Cheats

At Cosmo Cheats we provide cheats that are guaranteed safe (we test them ourselves!).

2. Use Our Guides and Support Tools

 Our guides provide step by step instructions on how to install and utilize the cheats we offer

 Useful Support Tools: Use our support tools, they will be available on the same page with your cheat download.

3. Disable Antivirus Protection

 Antivirus firewalls could also block certain cheats as false positives, which could prevent them from functioning properly. 

4. Use a VPN

 A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will protect you from opportunists who can identify you (and bar you) and from servers that track you.

 Using a VPN from our recommended list will help to hide your activities. 

6. Keep Your Cheats Updated

game makers constantly update the code of the game to avoid and defeat the cheats. Be sure to keep your cheat software updated to stay one step ahead of these updates. 

Check our status page frequently for the latest versions of your favorite cheats.

7. Test Cheats in a Controlled Environment

 Always test a cheat first on a single-player or in a private match.

This means you can gain insights into how the cheat works without risking you account in a competitive match.

8. Use Cheat Configurations Wisely

 Fine-tune your cheat settings to be more believable. Do not use extreme settings that can be easily spotted by anti-cheat software. 

Refer to our configuration guides to optimize your cheat settings for safety.

9. Monitor Community Feedback

Stay informed on what other users are posting in our community forums and discord to learn about new threats or cheat detection changes.

Participate in discussions and share your experiences to help others use cheats safely.

Using these guidelines and our resources listed above, you can reap the upsides of game cheats and be safer but never immune to unexpected complications. As they say, nothing is 100 percent safe, including cheats. So go ahead and use those cheats! Just do it responsibly 

Need More Help?

We have a active support community and a forum page where you can find more tips and tricks related to this game answer. Check out the Forum or our Support Page to get quick reply. Good luck in your cheats endeavor.

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