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How To Customize Your Cheats


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How To Customize Your Cheats

A good way to make your cheats perfectly match your gaming style and your gaming requirements is by customizing them, and that’s exactly what this guide will help you do.

1. Understanding Cheat Customization

Obviously, before we even get to customization, we must consider the components of cheats that can be customized:

  • Aimbot Settings: Adjusting aim speed, smoothness, and target selection.
  • ESP Settings: Customizing the information displayed on your screen, such as player health, distance, and item locations.
  • Triggerbot Settings: Modifying activation conditions and delay times.
  • Wallhack Settings: Changing the transparency and color of walls.


2. Accessing Cheat Settings

For most cheat software, there is a user interface that will let you change the settings. follow below:

  1. Open the Cheat Menu: Typically, this is done by pressing a specific key (e.g., F1, Insert) while in-game.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Use the menu to find the settings section for the cheat you want to customize.

Example of the settings you will see:

Cosmo Support Tool

3. Customizing Aimbot Settings

Aimbot customization is crucial for maintaining a natural and undetectable playstyle. Here are some common settings:

  • Aim Speed: Changes how quickly the aimbot snaps to the target.
  • Aim Smoothness: Adjusts the smoothness of the aimbot’s movement, making it appear more human-like.
  • Target Selection: Change which targets the aimbot should prioritize.

4. Customizing ESP Settings

ESP provides visual information about enemies and items. To customize ESP:

  • Choose Display Information: Select what information you want to see, such as player names, health bars, and item locations.
  • Adjust Colors: Change the colors of the ESP elements for better visibility and personal preference.
  • Filter Options: Filter out unnecessary information to keep your screen clutter-free.


By following these steps, you can customize your cheats to enhance your gaming experience while minimizing the risk of detection. Happy gaming!

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