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What Should I Do If My Account Gets Banned?

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What Should I Do If My Account Gets Banned?

When your account is banned, it’s incredibly frustrating. This FAQ will tell you how to come back swinging after getting your account taken away.

1. Understand the Reason for the Ban

Q: Why did my account get banned? A: Accounts can be banned for various reasons, including:

  • Using cheats or hacks
  • Violating the game's terms of service
  • Engaging in toxic behavior or harassment
  • Exploiting bugs or glitches

Review any emails or notifications from the game developers to understand the specific reason for your ban.

2. Create/Get a New Account

Q: Can I create a new account if my account banned? A: Yes, of course. However, be aware that:

  • IP Bans: You might have received an IP ban in this case, so you should use a VPN or change your IP address.
  • Hardware Bans: Some bans are tied to your hardware. In such cases, you may need to use a different device.

3. Use a Spoofer

Q: What is a spoofer, and how can it help? A: A spoofer changes or hides your hardware ID to prevent hardware bans. Here’s how to use one:

  • Download a Spoofer: We pride ourselves on our reliable HWID Spoofers
  • Install and Run the Spoofer: Follow the instructions
  • Verify Changes: Ensure the spoofer successfully changes your hardware ID to avoid detection.


By following these steps and tips, you can handle a ban effectively and take measures to prevent future bans. Always stay informed and use cheats responsibly to minimize the risk of getting banned.

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