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Can I Use Cheats On Consoles?

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Can I Use Cheats on Controller?

Yes you can! In this guide we will walk you through the process of using reWASD to use cheats on your controller.


What is reWASD?

reWASD is a powerful controller remapping utility that lets you reassign any controller buttons you want, map keyboard and mouse functionality to your controller, and create custom gamepad layouts for games, including the ability to run cheats


Before you start, make sure you have the following:

  • A Windows PC with reWASD installed.
  • A compatible controller (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.).
  • A USB cable or Bluetooth connection for your controller.
  • The game you want to apply cheats to



Step 1: Install and Set Up reWASD
  1. Download and Install reWASD:

    • Visit the reWASD website and download the software.
    • Follow the installation instructions to install reWASD on your PC.
  2. Connect Your Controller:

    • Connect your controller to your PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth.
    • Open reWASD and make sure your controller is recognized by the software.
Step 2: Create a New Profile
  1. Open reWASD:

    • Launch reWASD on your PC.
  2. New Profile:

    • Click on the + icon to create a new profile.
    • Name your profile and select the game you want to apply cheats to.
  3. Configure Button Mapping:

    • Use reWASD’s interface to remap your controller buttons. Assign specific cheats or actions to the buttons as needed.
    • For example, you can map a button to perform a sequence of actions or to activate a cheat code.
Step 3: Apply and Test the Configuration
  1. Save and Apply the Profile:

    • Once you have configured the button mapping, save the profile.
    • Click on the Apply button to apply the new configuration to your controller.
  2. Test the Configuration:

    • Open the game on your console.
    • Use the remapped buttons on your controller to test if the cheats are working as expected.
Step 4: Fine-Tune the Settings
  1. Adjust Sensitivity and Dead Zones:

    • Use reWASD to fine-tune the sensitivity and dead zones of your controller to ensure optimal performance.
    • Adjust these settings based on your personal preference and the requirements of the cheat.
  2. Create Multiple Profiles:

    • You can create multiple profiles for different games or different cheat configurations.
    • Switch between profiles easily within reWASD.

Tips for Using Cheats on Consoles

  • Don’t Draw Attention: Use cheats sparingly, otherwise people/anti cheat will notice and report you. 
  • Stay Up-to-date: Keep reWASD and the cheat application up to date to provide support for new versions of games. 
  • Backup Your Profiles: Regularly back up your reWASD profiles to avoid losing your configurations.
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