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Are these cheats compatible with all game versions?

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Are these cheats compatible with all game versions?

Q: Are your cheats compatible with all game versions?

A: Applying our cheats to an older version of a game will result in an incorrect cheat version, as well as the bad performance of the cheat, its instability, and/or an ability to detect it.

Why Update to the Latest Version?

  1. Compatibility: Our development team continually updates our cheats to align with the latest game updates. By keeping your game updated, you ensure that the cheats work seamlessly without any compatibility issues.

  2. Security: The game developers patch these exploits regularly and improve the security, so if you’re using the latest version, you don’t have as much to worry about in terms of being detected and banned. 

  3. Features and Enhancements:  New updates to the game could introduce new features, bug fixes, and all-round performance improvements. Get them while they’re hot and use them in conjunction with our cheats.


What If My Game is Not Updated?

If your game is not up to the latest version, you will experience the following:

  • Cheat Malfunction: The cheats may not work as intended, leading to a subpar experience or no functionality at all.
  • Increased Detection Risk: Cheat programs offered for older versions of games may not include important security updates. This may lead to detection by anti-cheat applications.
  • Limited Support: Please keep in mind that we cannot provide support for older game versions. This is because we test and update our cheats for the most recent release of the game only.
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