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How to Get Support and Help with your Cheat Software

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How to Get Support and Help with Cheat Software

Here you’ll find answers to common questions about getting support and help with our cheat software. If you need further assistance, our dedicated support team is available on Discord.

How do I join the support Discord channel?

  • To join our support Discord channel, you need to purchase at least one of our cheat products and become a customer. After your purchase, you can use the discord section to join. Follow the instructions to join our server and access the support channels.

2. What should I do if I encounter issues installing the cheat software?

  • First, refer to the installation guide included with your cheat download. If the issue persists, Contact support.

3. How can I get help with configuring my cheats?

  • You can check the our guides or ask around in the discord.

4. What should I do if the cheat software isn’t working correctly?

  • If you encounter functionality issues, check the troubleshooting section of our website first. If you still need help, describe your problem in detail in the support channel on Discord. Include any error messages or screenshots to help our team solve the issue.

5. Is there a way to get real-time support?

  • Yes, our Discord server often has support staff available for real-time assistance. 

6. What if I suspect the cheat software is detected by the game’s anti-cheat system?

  • Immediately stop using the cheat and report your suspicion to a member of our team 

6. What if I have a problem on the website?

  • For issues like these, use the support chat icon in the bottom right
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